10 Tools Every Homeowner in Southwest Missouri Should Own

by Micah Cartee

Below are some of the tools that we believe every homeowner should have. There are a lot more tools you can buy but think of this list as your handyman starter kit. 

1. Plunger

Let's be honest, a plunger is not at the top of anyone’s favorite tool list, but it may be one of the most important tools you buy when purchasing a new home. Whether you’re buying your first home or moving into a new one, a plunger is a must. 

2. Tape Measure

Now that we’ve got the unpleasantries of dealing with plumbing issues out of the way, the next step is making sure you have a good tape measure. You’ll be placing lots of furniture into a new space and you want to make sure everything fits just right. Tape measures come in many lengths, although 25 feet is best. And don’t forget the old adage, measure twice, cut once.

3. 16 Ounce Claw Hammer

A good hammer is one of the most important tools you can own. From big projects to hanging a photo on the wall, hammers put the handy in handyman. If you’re looking to pick one up, we recommend a 16 ounce Claw Hammer. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a 16 ounce Claw Hammer is the best option for overall use. 

4. Level

There are few things worse than hanging a picture, stepping back to admire your handiwork, and noticing that your perfect picture isn’t so perfect after all. A level determines if something, like a shelf, appliance or picture, is correctly oriented. 

5. Screwdriver Set or Drill

It is best to have four screwdrivers: a small and large version of both a flathead and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Drills are the easiest to use and they save you a crazy forearm burn, but for a good one, you will pay a much higher price. A manual screwdriver should do everything you need when decorating or fixing small things in the home. 

6. Flashlight

All the tools in the world can’t help you if you can’t see, and that’s why a good flashlight is so important. You may trip a breaker and lose power to the house, or need to go into the attic or crawlspace to fix an issue, and a flashlight will make all the difference. 

7. Socket Set

Socket sets are fairly inexpensive and extremely convenient when dealing with anything that is bolted. Wrenches have the tendency to slip off the bolt or tear up the bolt while in use, but a socket holds tight to the bold and keeps it in good condition. A socket set also gives you more leverage than a traditional wrench

8. Caulking Gun

One of the things you may notice when moving into a new home is areas by the tub or shower or even the windows where moisture can get in. That is where having a caulking gun can help. Applying caulking to the area helps to create a watertight seal and prevents things like rot from taking place. 

9. Wire Cutters/strippers

Wire cutters are pliers designed to cut wires and small nails. There are also wire cutter/stripper combos that can come in handy when replacing things like light fixtures or even thermostats. If for some reason you need to cut the wire, these cutters/strippers can peel off the rubber protection and allow you to wire the appliance with ease. 

10. Duct Tape

Is there anything greater than Duct Tape? Originally, it was widely used to make temporary repairs to many types of military equipment. Today, it’s one of the key items specified for home emergency kits because it is water-resistant and extremely sticky. In almost every situation, Duct Tape is the solution. 

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